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Many of your water-damaged devices may still be repairable and we have the tools to do it. If we are unable to restore any functionality to your device then the repair cost will be halved. Our success rate for salvaging water-damaged devices is more than 50% but the chance of success depends on how long the device was wet for.

If your phone, tablet, laptop or even your desktop computer gets wet then follow these steps to increase the chance of saving it:

  • Remove from the water as soon as possible
  • Dry off any excess water with a dry cloth or towel
  • Remove all accessories such as headphones, SIM card, laptop/tablet/phone battery (if removable) and dry as much as possible
  • Do not attempt to charge a water-damaged phone or tablet and do not attempt to switch on a wet computer or laptop!
  • Bring or send it to us as soon as possible to avoid corrosion. (If you can’t bring it immediately then store the water-damaged device in rice, silica gel or other desiccant.)
  • If you are mailing your device to us please remember to include your contact information! You may also contact us in advance for a price estimate.

Send to:

R&S Technologies

Kauppamiehenkatu 4, as5

Kouvola 45100

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